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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Nov 9 14:23:28 UTC 2004

At 8:42 AM -0500 2004-11-09, Chorine, Dmitry (IDS GNS) wrote:

>  When I use ntp client w/ slewing my time (adjtime() system call) instead
>  of (settimeofday()), will it'll change normally (+1hour or -1hour) when
>  there is a time change? Like there was a few weeks ago? Day saving time?
>  Or will it just go little by little until it gets there..

	NTP operates exclusively in UTC.  Things like daylight savings 
time and all other time zones are merely a representation issue that 
is handled by the OS when the information is to be displayed, and can 
be configured on a per-user basis through the $TZ environment 
variable, and a system-wide default basis through a file like 

	There is nothing you should need to do in order to correctly 
handle the daylight savings time change, and your system clock won't 
be changed as a result.  The only thing that will change is the way 
the time is represented when output.

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