[ntp:questions] xntpd keeps increasing its offset w.r.t preferred stratum 1 server

Yatin Shelke yatinruchi at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 9 17:27:46 UTC 2004


I am facing a strange problem with xntpd (NTP version 3). My NTP
configuration file is:
fudge stratum 11
server <stratum 1 server IP> prefer

What I find is that on starting xntpd, my offset gradually increases from 0
to somewhere between 1000 - 2000 milliseconds w.r.t the preferred stratum 1
server, and then, xntpd resets itself. Any idea what is causing xntpd to
behave this way, especially, when the preferred server is stratum 1, and the
local CPU clock has been fudged to stratum 11?

Thanks in advance,

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