[ntp:questions] Re: ntpd and ACTS

Walter L. Preuninger II walterp at texramp.net
Wed Nov 10 22:44:55 UTC 2004

> After this bug has been fixed, ntp-dev should be OK for you.
> If not, some earlier ntp-dev snapshot tarballs could be OK.
> It would be simpler for you to sync to some other machine on the internet;
> is this not possible?

I can grab the version of ntp (4.2.0) on
http://aixpdslib.seas.ucla.edu/packages/ntp.html I cant find the AIX 4.2
Archives on Bull's Freeware site. It is not possible to sync to a server on
the internet. Our president does not want any of our internal machines
connected to the internet. In fact, I have to go to a completely different
office just to send this.... Only dedicated computers have internet access.

So, am I on the right track with the symlink of /dev/acts1 to /dev/tty1?



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