[ntp:questions] Re: PST Traconex Driver

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 12 03:21:03 UTC 2004

David L. Mills wrote:

> Richard,
> Bank 3, switches 1-4 control the year in 16 year cycles beginning with 
> 1986.. However, this is for the PSTI Model 1020 WWV receiver, the 
> ancestor of the Traconex unit. Traconex bought PSTI and inherited the 
> WWV reciever and, so far as I know, didn't change the design. I was a 
> consultant on the original design and I have two of the original PSTI 
> receivers (impounded when they didn't pay my fee).
> Dave
> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>> The comments in the PST/Traconex driver (refclock_pst.c) say that "It 
>> is very important that the year be set correctly in the DIPswitches; 
>> otherwise, the day of year will be incorrect after 28 April of a 
>> normal or leap year."
>> The Traconex manual, however, defines the functions of twenty-four 
>> DIP swtiches.  None of them set the year!  Does anyone have a clue as 
>> to what was meant?
It appears as if the design may have changed somewhere between PSTI and 
Traconex!   The manual I have, and I assume it applies to the receiver I 
just bought (it came with the receiver) is dated March 1, 1992 and 
claims "PROM Version 5.02".   This manual states that Bank 3, Switches 
1-4 are used as follows:
2         3        4
Serial Port Debug (Traconex)            OFF   OFF   OFF   OFF
Pulse at 23:59:59  (Traffic)                OFF   OFF   OFF   ON
Pulse at 03:29:59  (Traffic)                OFF   OFF   ON    OFF
Both Pulses (Traffic)                          OFF   OFF   ON     ON
24 Time zones (Condor Basic)          OFF   ON    OFF   ON
24 Time zones (Condor Expanded)   OFF   ON    OFF   ON

When it synchs up, it displays the year as 04 so it must be doing 
something right.

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