[ntp:questions] 1pps signal,20us width

Fei Wu fxw115 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 15 19:48:10 UTC 2004

Hi Tim:

> 20 microseconds will generally be long enough to
> trigger
> PPS detection through a RS-232 DCD pin.  Most
> hardware
> interrupt schemes for the DCD pin are edge-sensitive
> (although I've seen some set up for polling a
> level-sensitive
> line, you don't tell us what hardware/OS you have.)
I tried not to stretch the PPS pulse and feed it into
RS232 port ( my pc like server ). I got the following
 refclock_atom: time_pps_kcbind failed: Operation not
and clkbug shows me that:
ntpdc> clkbug
clock address:
values: 8
           0           0           0           0
           0           0           0         131
times: 0

I checked the code refclock_atom.c, but I did not find
details about time_pps_kcbind function.

Does the error confirms that the pulse is too short
for my machine?



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