[ntp:questions] Re: Two clocks?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Nov 16 04:55:02 UTC 2004


Connect them both to both machines. Why not? Pull the transmit data pin 
from one machine; the other can poll the clock for both machines. I have 
two PSTI/Traconex clocks here, both doing fine, but they have needed 
frequent MX232 chip transfusions. I run them from the 12-V power/charger 
bus here for the radios and other comms gear, since we get frequent 
power glitches and they will stay synchronized for days on a 75-AH deep 
discharge battery.



Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
> I now have two hardware clocks, the Motorola M12+T that I've been using 
> for several months and a PSTI/Traconex Model 1030 WWV/WWVH Receiver.  Is 
> it best to connect one clock to each of two computers and peer those 
> two?  Or should I connect them both to one machine?

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