[ntp:questions] Re: slew

CBee I.Dont at want.your.spam
Tue Nov 16 13:14:04 UTC 2004

Chorine, Dmitry (IDS GNS) wrote:

> Hello
> When I use ntp client w/ slewing my time (adjtime() system call) instead
> of (settimeofday()), will it'll change normally (+1hour or -1hour) when
> there is a time change? Like there was a few weeks ago? Day saving time?
> Or will it just go little by little until it gets there..

Formally the time has not changed, its only the representation. ntp, unix 
(including linux) and other reasonable systems use a representation of `GMT` or 
`UTC` interal. That time does not change. For unix it is called `epoc`: the 
number of seconds since 1 januari 1970, 00:00 gmt.

Only when you ask the time it is translated for you to your local time, with 
respect to your timezone (which includes daylight saving time).

Hence the system time does not need to be changed on such systems. At the time 
you ask for it, it is translated with or without the daylight saving time as 


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