[ntp:questions] Reliable SNTP server for commercial use

Karapetkov, Stefan H stefan.karapetkov at siemens.com
Fri Nov 19 17:35:25 UTC 2004


		I am looking for a reliable network time server to provide
Date and Time to our SIP telephones. 

		The SIP telephones support Simple Network Time Protocol and
provide options to configure an IP address or DNS name of the SNTP server as
well as time offset. Based on this configuration, the SIP telephone will
contact the time server periodically and synchronize its internal Date and
Time which is displayed in idle state. 

		The time server should preferably send GMT time and the SIP
phone user will be able to set the time offset.

		Any suggestions will be appreciated.

		Since the time server is on the Internet while the SIP
telephones can be installed in enterprise networks, please comment on the
SNTP ability to traverse firewalls.


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