[ntp:questions] Can you test my server please.

Simon Lyall simon at darkmere.gen.nz
Sun Nov 21 22:51:15 UTC 2004

I'm looking at a few options to deal with people who abuse time servers 
(specificly the pool.ntp.org ones). One idea I have is to send the wrong 
time to abusive clients [1] so that the clients owner actually has an 
incentive to fix their behavour [2].

I've made a slight modification to MSNTP (sntp server) to always return 
exactly the same time (In June 1998) to the client. I would appreciate if 
people could point their clients at it (especially Windows based 
shareware/freeware programs) and let me know what the result is.

The IP of the server is [3] . I would be interested to know 
what it does both as the sole server configured or when other servers are 
configured as well.

[1] - Probably after sending them a "kiis of death" packet.

[2] - Many clients ignore kod and some will retry forever when you just 
block them.

[3] - Actually the servers runs on port 11123 but I've setup iptables 
rules to redirect requests to on port 123 to to port 11123.

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