[ntp:questions] Re: ppstime.h missing on Debian?

Ronan Flood ronan at noc.ulcc.ac.uk
Wed Nov 24 14:59:40 UTC 2004

Brandon Uttech <brandon.uttech at ioactive.com> wrote:

> For the past several days, I've been trouble shooting my first attempt 
> at building a pps enabled ntp server. After a ton of googling, reading 
> documentation, etc, I still don't have a functional system. However, I 
> do believe I've identified a problem. ppstime.h is missing!

I think ppstime.h was just an older version of timepps.h,
which you have:

> ac_cv_header_sys_ppstime_h=no
> ac_cv_header_sys_timepps_h=yes

The doc, ntp-4.2.0/html/pps.html refers to timepps.h

> Just for kicks I tried installing ntp anyway to see what would happen. 
> Nothing good. ntptime yields the following, error ridden, expected output:
> ntp_gettime() returns code 5 (ERROR)
>    time c54b42dd.ad529fa0  Sun, Nov 21 2004  8:37:49.677, (.677042912),
>    maximum error 2000000 us, estimated error 16 us, TAI offset 1073835988
> ntp_adjtime() returns code 5 (ERROR)
>    modes 0x0 (),
>    offset 0.000 us, frequency 0.000 ppm, interval 4 s,
>    maximum error 2000000 us, estimated error 16 us,
>    status 0x2041 (PLL,UNSYNC,NANO),
>    time constant 0, precision 55.136 us, tolerance 496 ppm,
>    pps frequency 0.000 ppm, stability 0.000 ppm, jitter 0.000 us,
>    intervals 0, jitter exceeded 0, stability exceeded 0, errors 0.

How long had you been running ntpd when you got this output?
What does ntpq show for peers and cl?

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