[ntp:questions] Re: Can NTP affect the time even when not running? (with pla

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Nov 24 15:54:27 UTC 2004

At 4:30 AM +1300 2004-11-25, Parker Jones wrote:

>  A bit disappointed by ntp causing this mess.

	It's not so much a matter of ntpd causing this problem.  It's a 
matter of trying to run ntpd on a laptop where you didn't lock the 
clock speed to a given value, then expecting ntpd to be able to deal 
with the wildly varying clock rates.  This is not something that ntpd 
was ever intended to be able to handle, and it might require a 
ground-up rewrite of all the algorithms in the system.

	When ntpd didn't work on your machine, you then removed it, but 
that didn't solve the problem because it had left around some 
correction values that it had tried to calculate based on what it 
assumed was a stable CPU clock speed, and then your OS tried to apply 
those fixed corrections.

	It's basically a comedy of errors, starting with trying to run 
ntpd on a system where the CPU clock speed is not fixed to a given 

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