[ntp:questions] NTP and LAPTOPS ....Careful!

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Nov 24 17:21:12 UTC 2004

At 5:17 AM +1300 2004-11-25, Parker Jones wrote:

>  I think a warning about laptops should be included in the FAQ(*), and it
>  would be a nice touch to have a  warning when the service is about to be
>  started for the first time.

	I searched in the FAQ myself, and also didn't find anything.

>                               Also, if the BIOS can be queried to
>  established whether processor speed is set to fixed or variable then
>  this could be used by ntp to block the service.

	Keep in mind that the code for ntpd has to support something like 
25 different OS/platform combinations.  We should add this to the 
wishlist, but we should also keep in mind that it may take a long 
time to find out what code is used to detect this sort of thing on 
many platform/OS combinations.

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