[ntp:questions] PPS reference clock with Fedora Core 3

David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Sat Nov 27 01:14:30 UTC 2004

    Has anyone managed to get the PPS reference clock to work with the NTP 
and kernel shipped with Fedora? It seems that the reference clock driver is 
compiled in, but it never seems to work. An 'strace' shows no attempt to 
open the device. Even with the PPS input being there and the prefer peer 
being perfectly synchronized, the PPS driver never does anything at all.

    Grepping the kernel's symbol table for 'pps' reveals:

0230eb28 D pps_jitter
0230eb2c D pps_stabil
0230eb30 D pps_valid
0230eb34 D pps_shift
0241c804 B pps_offset
0241c808 B pps_freq
0241c80c B pps_jitcnt
0241c810 B pps_calcnt
0241c814 B pps_errcnt
0241c818 B pps_stbcnt
0241c824 B hardpps_ptr

    This seems to suggest the kernel was compiled with at least some part of 
the PPS API. However, there's no timepps.h or ppsapi.h file anywhere that I 
could find.


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