[ntp:questions] Re: status of multicast

Dale Schultz dDOTschultz at nospam-sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 28 22:38:49 UTC 2004

I was one of those people that made several inquires about multicast mode.  My 
application is in a hybrid satellite network, where the multicast packets are 
sent over the satellite link and received through a DVB card (sat0) in the 
remote server.  When the remote server authenticates it does so with the unicast 
address of the server over a point-to-point (eth0) terrestrial link.  The odd 
behavior I typically see is that ALL the remote servers will attempt to 
authenticate at every multicast interval.  This does not scale well with 8000 
remote servers.  What I'd love to see is an initial authentication exchange and 
then the remote servers shut up and listen to the multicast signal and never 
authenticate again unless they've restarted or the signal has been lost for an 
extended period of time.
I'd be more than will to test any new code in this environment if it can be made 
to work efficiently, no authentication storms.

Thanks. Dale

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> Compiling is not the issue.
> It's running it that counts, and then if there is a problem the most
> help would be to be able to debug the problem and then even propose a patch.
> H
> --
> In article <co8hru$8sl$1 at reader2.nmix.net>,
> james edwards <jamesh at cybermesa.com> wrote:
>>>It would be great if anybody else who was familiar with multicast was able
>>>to pitch in.
>>If it would be of help I can compile ntpd from the dev tarball and test it
>>on my networks.
>>Let me know or otherwise i will wait from the production tarball to come

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