[ntp:questions] ***SPAM*** IPv6 multicast traffic - I'd like my server to send updates on the wire - not working ...

John Spence, CCSI, CCNA, CISSP jspence at native6.com
Thu Nov 25 20:04:04 UTC 2004

I see on the mailing list that there are some known problems with IPv4
multicast - which also did not work for me.  I have setup a Fedora Core 2
box, and am trying to send IPv6 multicast updates.  I am new to NTP server

Can anyone tell me if the IPv4 multicast problems have been worked out, and
if that should be working for me?

Does anyone know if IPv6 multicast has been successfully tested on Linux?  I
am happy synchronizing upstream on IPv4 - I am trying to send IPv6 multicast
downstream to hosts.

Lastly, I'm attaching a few key screen-captures about my configuration - am
I making an obvious mistakes in configuration?

Thanks very much.  I will be happy to continue testing and working with the
developers adding IPv6 to the reference implementation, if that would help.

John Spence
John Spence, CCSI, CCNA, CISSP
Native6, Inc.
IPv6 Training and Consulting
jspence at native6.com
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