[ntp:questions] Re: WinXP ntpd as service with dial-up connection

dusty bin junkmail at mmscomms.demon.co.uk
Mon Nov 29 11:59:32 UTC 2004

"kermit" <cku192 at yahoo.com> wrote in message news:<coeeft$t30$1 at news.mch.sbs.de>...
> Hi,
> after getting ADSL connection I tried to finally install ntpd as service on 
> my system. We currently use it in PPPoE mode i.e. connection is established 
> manually. Unfortunately, ntpd seems to never attempt to contact severs after 
> initial attempt has failed. It is clear with server names (as initital DNS 
> resolution fails) but it also does not work with IP addresses.
> Currently using 510 group version. Anybody has an idea?

I have the latest windows dev version from Terje and don't remember
any problems running on w2k here.

Although I don't often reboot while disconnected, I did do a few
months ago.

I don't use raw IPs, but put the entries in the hosts file to avoid
the DNS problem when disconnected.  Also have the local refclock (or maybe set up fudged to around stratum 10.

If you want me to test this out properly now, let me know.

Hope that helps.

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