[ntp:questions] Re: WinXP ntpd as service with dial-up connection

kermit cku192 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 29 12:43:14 UTC 2004

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>> Hi,
>> after getting ADSL connection I tried to finally install ntpd as service 
>> on
>> my system. We currently use it in PPPoE mode i.e. connection is 
>> established
>> manually. Unfortunately, ntpd seems to never attempt to contact severs 
>> after
>> initial attempt has failed. It is clear with server names (as initital 
>> DNS
>> resolution fails) but it also does not work with IP addresses.
>> Currently using 510 group version. Anybody has an idea?
> I have the latest windows dev version from Terje and don't remember
> any problems running on w2k here.

I had problems with this that's why I got the one from 510 (have been using 
it at work for a long time without any problems, but of course on LAN). I 
will check out newer one once more. Also I had some problems with 4.2 on my 
Unix, had to patch it before it finally worked.

> Although I don't often reboot while disconnected, I did do a few
> months ago.
> I don't use raw IPs, but put the entries in the hosts file to avoid
> the DNS problem when disconnected.  Also have the local refclock
> (or maybe set up fudged to around stratum 10.

that's for sure :)

> If you want me to test this out properly now, let me know.

If it won't work this time I will probably ask.

Thank you for reply


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