[ntp:questions] Re: Good and cheap GPS receivers (was: Reference clocks - which?)

W. D. WD at US-Webmasters.com
Mon Nov 29 22:21:04 UTC 2004

At 15:06 11/29/2004, Frank Mayhar wrote:
>In article <2uhd20F2b7p7qU1 at uni-berlin.de>,
>Helmut Wollmersdorfer  <helmut at wollmersdorfer.at> wrote:
>>Tapio Sokura wrote:
>>> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>>>> A Motorola Oncore M12+T GPS receiver is available from Synergy Systems 
>>>> <http://www.synergy-gps.com/>
>>>> for around $200US.  This is far better than what you say you need.   
>>The evaluation kit is around USD 750. I did not see, where I can order 
>>the necessary parts for around USD 200 on the above site.

If it hasn't already been mentioned, this guy sells an 
assembled kit for $85.  Kit works fine,  nice guy:



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