[ntp:questions] Re: NTP and Cron

Steven Hajducko Steven.Hajducko at DigitalInsight.com
Tue Nov 30 23:25:06 UTC 2004

> ntp never decrements the time. If it's necessary it will reduce the
> adjustments. Remember that time is monotonically increasing.

> The only time you could get something like this happening is if
> you were to use ntpdate to SET the time. It's another reason to
> deprecate ntpdate.

Ok, good to know, but that's a little confusing to a ignorant neophite such
as myself. :)

I guess I'm not understanding how NTP actually adjusts time, which is
probably something I should take upon myself to read about, but nonetheless,
a quick, ignorant question.  If a system clock is running too slow, then it
simply adjusts the time to be a little bit faster than real time? Adding
.001 ( or whatever number ) to every second until you make up that extra
second?  And if the system clock is running too fast, it makes that second
count for less, in all sense of the word, slowing down the machine's time
until real time catches up?

Guess I should start my reading. :)

Thanks for the info.


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