[ntp:questions] Re: Can you test my server please.

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Nov 30 23:57:44 UTC 2004

At 2:49 PM -0800 2004-11-30, Danny Mayer wrote:

>  I'm not saying that. I'm saying the the protocol already supports
>  the transfer of authentication packets so it's just a matter of
>  extending things on both ends to get the server to authenticate
>  the client.

	Ahh, okay.  This wasn't clear to me from your previous message.

>  This has nothing to do with pool. The server shouldn't be in the
>  pool if it requires client authentication.

	We've been talking about things that pool server operators can do 
to try and reduce the abuse of their systems.  If pool servers 
shouldn't require client authentication, then we don't have to worry 
about whether or not the feature is present or not.

	If you have any other ideas of things that the pool server 
operators could do to try and protect themselves against misbehaving 
clients (which ignore KOD, etc...), I'd love to see what you've got 
in mind.

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