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Tom Einertson tome at siemens-emis.com
Fri Aug 12 19:39:11 UTC 2005

"Anders" <anders.REMOVETHIS.r1f.ANDTHIS at tele2.se> wrote in message
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> Hi Group!
> I'm trying to run XNTPD on an old WinNT4 machine. Having installed the
> Meinberg package ntp-4.2.0a at 1.1354-o-win32-setup.exe I can't get it
> The eventlog says:
> "clock LOCAL(1) event 'clk_fault' (0x03)"
> "configuration of xx.xx.xx.xx failed" and
> "Could not find suitable interface for xx.xx.xx.xx"
> ntpq -p reads:
> C:\Program\NTP\bin>ntpq -p
>      remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset
> jitter
>  LOCAL(1)        LOCAL(1)        12 l   56   64    1    0.000    0.000
> 0.008
> And the ntp.conf file looks like this:
> # your local system clock, should be used as a backup
> server
> # but it should operate at a high stratum level to let the clients know
> forc
> e them to
> # use any other timesource they may have.
> fudge stratum 12
> # Use specific NTP servers
> server ntp2.gbg.netnod.se
> server tick.telia.net
> server ntp2.sp.se
> server ntp.lth.se


The thing that I find interesting is that the only server that shows up
in the 'ntpq -p' output is the local clock.  The other servers you have
defined in your config file aren't even listed.  Normally all servers
that are defined in your ntp.conf show up when you do an 'ntpq -p',
even if the are unreachable.  (They just show up with a reachability of
0.)  The fact that they are missing in the output suggests to me that
something isn't working right when NTP is trying to read the
configuration file.  Two possibilities come to mind.

    First, maybe the error with the local clock is messing something up
    and preventing NTP from reading the remaining server names.  Try
    removing the local clock definition and see if that helps.

    Maybe NTP won't add hosts to the configuration if it can't resolve
    the names.  (I'm only guessing on this one.)  If so, add the names
    of some computers you are sure you can resolve (like the names of
    some computers on your local network) to the file.  and then see if
    they show up when you do 'ntpq -p'.  It doesn't even mattter if
    they are running NTP for this test.  Or do as some others have
    suggested and define the clocks by IP number.

Until you get those servers to show up in the list, I wouldn't worry
about issues like firewalls or routing.

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