[ntp:questions] Re: time

K spam at nospam.com
Fri Dec 2 13:25:57 UTC 2005

> The accuracy obtainable depends on:
> a. the utilization level of the LAN (how congested it is).
at times 70-80%  but sporadic.
> b. the LAN hubs or switches in use
All Cisco stuff model 6500 or better
> c. the hardware the server runs on
truetime, semtriccom,  one of the big time device servers.
> d. the quality of the time source(s) used by the server (This, in turn, 
> may depend on the quality of the internet                connection)
>From a GPS antenna
> e. the O/S used on the server
unknown, probably linux :-)
> f.. the hardware the client systems run on
opteron stuff
> g. the O/S running on the client systems.
linux  kernel version 2.6, I think compiled to a event granularity of 1 ms. 
Windows, and a lot of the other ones are at 10 ms.
> h. the version of ntpd in use
probably version 3.x since the standard is finalized.

Can I get below the granularity of the events of my operating system?  Since 
the jitter of when the NTP client would run would make this difficult to 

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