[ntp:questions] Re: Using NTP with Trimble Acutime Synchronization Kit

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Tue Dec 6 13:21:44 UTC 2005

John Kennedy wrote:
> When you say that the Palisade code is already compiled on windows, do
> you mean it is part of the OS? Or is it just a part of the NTP4.x
> software? If it is already a part of Windows XP, I did not see any way
> to set up the service through windows. I check the add/remove windows
> components, and other control panel items but didn't see anything
> relating to the NTP service. Also, if it is configured this way, how do
> you specify that you are not looking to an ethernet port for timing.
> Most of the apps I have tried to use to do this, always want to look to
> the LAN for timing. I even tried NTP exe. from www.five-ten-sg.com and
> still was unable to make it work. It did synchronize itself to my
> system time, however, it did not synchronize to the GPS device. I also
> used the ntpd.conf from the refclock 29 and changed the dev to COM1.
> Thanks for the info above, I am going to continue to investigate the
> Palisade that is already compiled on windows....if I can find it...
> Thanks alot for all of your comments and suggestions. 
> John Kennedy

Sorry, it was a badly written answer. I meant our NTP reference
implementation. Windows XP or other Windows O/S's has nothing to do with
it. Go here to get a list of precompiled binaries:


Try the version from Meinberg which comes with an installer. Terje also
just made a new version available:


This one is just the binary files and you need to run instsrv to install
it as a service.


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