[ntp:questions] Re: Windows timekeeping - sudden degradation- why?

Terje Mathisen terje.mathisen at hda.hydro.com
Tue Dec 6 18:12:16 UTC 2005

David J Taylor wrote:

 > Many thanks, Terje.  I'll download now and update all PCs.
> I'm not objecting to an installer, but in the situation of fault-finding I 
> didn't want to risk upsetting things by using Meinberg's installer, which 
> seems not to regonise an existing manual NTP installation.  It's fine for 
> a first-time install, though.

This is how I've installed most systems since last year:

First use the installer, then while still in the editor to check out the
ntp.conf file, I extract the latest binaries that I've personally
compiled and overwrite the installer-generated set.

As soon as I exit the editor, the installer will immediately startup the
service, but now using my binaries. :-)


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