[ntp:questions] Re: [ntpwg] NTP 4.2 too many recvbuffs

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Wed Dec 7 05:25:05 UTC 2005

Andrew Shinton wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a GPS timing device from www.timetools.co.uk
> <http://www.timetools.co.uk> which has a PPS outout.
> I am  trying to get it to work with NTP 4.2
> However, whenever NTP is run I get the message 'too many recvbufs' and
> NTP terminates.
> Can anyone help ?
> LB

Please do not use the ntp working group mailing list for questions like
this. It has nothing to do with the IETF. Use questions or hackers instead.

You need to provide a lot more information. For example, what O/S? What
hardware? What does the configuration file look like?  What version of
NTP? 4.2 does not exist. 4.2.0a ansd 4.2.9b exist.

The is a problem with recvbuff limits but it's not clear in what way
they're related. Do you have any refclocks on your hardware?


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