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Ajit ajit at onmobile.com
Wed Dec 7 12:43:32 UTC 2005

>>So maybe using another version of ntpd should fix this.
	Can u suggest which version of ntpd to use on windows? I have tried
ntp-dev-4.2.0a-20050331.tar.gz and ntp-dev-4.2.0b-20051115.tar.gz.Both of
which fail to work properly.
	I need ntpd to run in various scenarios (isolated network/LAN time
server/LAN workstation),is there any particular version known to be stable
on windows??
 Alternatively are there patches available to fix bug #405??

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Ajit wrote:
>>What does your configuration file look like
> driftfile "./ntp.drift"
> server
> fudge stratum 14
> server
> peer xxxxx.yyyyy.com
> The following events are there in the event log:
> synchronized to, stratum 9.
> time reset -0.135693 s.

This may be due to bug #405:
"all associations are dropped after a time step"

So maybe using another version of ntpd should fix this.

Martin Burnicki

Meinberg Funkuhren
Bad Pyrmont

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