[ntp:questions] Re: Using NTP with Trimble Acutime Synchronization Kit

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Wed Dec 7 14:36:45 UTC 2005

John Kennedy wrote:
> Unfortunately, this is in an environment where we cannot add any other
> PC's. All of the machines are only connected via a COM port to a single
> Trimble Accutime source. I cannot add any other devices to the
> environment due to Configuration Lockdown. This is being used in a
> controlled environment, which is why I am looking for help in building
> a driver for  NTP that looks to COM1 for the NTP udates. If anyone has
> already done this and has pointers on doing it, or knows where to get a
> pre-made driver setup, please help...Thanks in advance.

If you are using COM1 then the server should be listed as: and not according to my check of the code.


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