[ntp:questions] Proposing new newsgroup "alt.time.frequency"

Rob Kimberley robin.kimberley at btinternet.com
Sun Dec 11 17:19:44 UTC 2005

Would like to know if this would be of interest to subscribers of this 
group. The mandate would be to cover the wider aspects of timing , frequency 
control and synchronisation, from quartz through to atomic and emerging 
optical standards, and to the use of GPS, Galileo, and terrestrial 
references for the control of time and frequency in a wide range of 
applications. The group would be un-moderated, and a platform for discussion 
(as this one) on all timing, frequency & synchronisation issues.

An initial draft proposal submitted to alt.config, but a fully structured 
proposal including a suggested charter etc has not been formulated yet.

Thanks in advance for any inputs.

Rob Kimberley 

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