[ntp:questions] Why so many dead NTP servers in pool.ntp.org?

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Tue Dec 13 17:28:08 UTC 2005

Raphae wrote:
> when running the command
> # ntptrace pool.ntp.org
> more than half of the servers in the pool seem to be dead.  Isn't
> ntp.org responsible for polling servers and pruning the pool of dead
> ones?  What is a person to do to configure an ntp server if
> pool.ntp.org is essentially unusable?

Not at all. The pool was delegated. It is the responsibility of the pool
operators to maintain the DNS Records and of the operators of those
systems that provide pool service to update them as necessary.

One of the items on my work list is to implement the code to have ntpd
check each address returned and use it if NTP service is available and
to allow you to specify directly how many to use from the one address name.


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