[ntp:questions] Re: Why so many dead NTP servers in pool.ntp.org?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Dec 13 17:55:40 UTC 2005


Easy to add. I'm sure you have discovered the preempt keyword on the 
server/peer command line. Should somebody implement the asynchronous 
resolver, the whole thing would be completely automated.


Danny Mayer wrote:
> Raphae wrote:
>>when running the command
>># ntptrace pool.ntp.org
>>more than half of the servers in the pool seem to be dead.  Isn't
>>ntp.org responsible for polling servers and pruning the pool of dead
>>ones?  What is a person to do to configure an ntp server if
>>pool.ntp.org is essentially unusable?
> Not at all. The pool was delegated. It is the responsibility of the pool
> operators to maintain the DNS Records and of the operators of those
> systems that provide pool service to update them as necessary.
> One of the items on my work list is to implement the code to have ntpd
> check each address returned and use it if NTP service is available and
> to allow you to specify directly how many to use from the one address name.
> Danny
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