[ntp:questions] Re: Why so many dead NTP servers in pool.ntp.org?

Adrian von Bidder grazdan at fortytwo.ch
Fri Dec 16 11:14:21 UTC 2005

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Clinging to sanity, chris-usenet at roaima.co.uk mumbled in his beard:

>>> I believe there are currently subdomains of pool.ntp.org [...]
> Steve Kostecke <kostecke at ntp.isc.org> wrote:
>> This information is available on the NTP Pool Server topic in the NTP
>> Public Service Project Servers Web:
> Yes, I know. But it's been discussed recently on the pool mailing
> list, and there is some push maybe towards removing or redesigning
> those subdomains to create better coverage. (For example, last time I
> looked at gr.pool.ntp.org there was a solitary host.)

Just for the benefit of those not following the timekeepers mailing
list: this is an old debate - some (like me) think the pool should be
an easy to use service for those that don't have high timing
requirements but just want their clock to be synced reasonably close to
the True Time(tm).  For those, subdomains are not necessary - ntpd
syncs to within a few 10 ms even over very bad network connections. 
The other side is those who want the pool to provide quite good time,
and also are concerned about network traffic - my answer to these is
that (i) if you want good time, you need to hand-pick your timeservers
anyway and (ii) in terms of network traffic, ntp is an absolut
no-brainer except in very rare circumstances.

But please lets not debate this here - this is, as I said, an old debate
and there is no 'correct solution' to it.  You are of course invited to
the timekeepers mailing list (timekeepers-request at fortytwo.ch, subject
subscribe), and even if you don't start this debate again it is bound
to re-surface every few months :-).

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