[ntp:questions] Re: Why so many dead NTP servers in pool.ntp.org?

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Fri Dec 16 18:41:50 UTC 2005

Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> Clinging to sanity, Danny Mayer mumbled in his beard:
>>>One of the items on my work list is to implement the code to have ntpd
>>>check each address returned and use it if NTP service is available and
>>>to allow you to specify directly how many to use from the one address
> Cool :-)
> Also nice and pool-friendly would be if ntpd would resolve the DNS name
> a second time when an association is dead more than, say, a few hours
> (I guess this could be as high as 24h or even a week).  I don't know
> the ntp code, but I suspect this might require quite a hack, as ntpd
> right now doesn't automatically change its configuration after start
> up...

Dynamic IP address for the system is in the works as soon as 4.2.1 is
out. Doing a new DNS lookup I think would have to wait the async resolver.


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