[ntp:questions] refid on client differs from refid on local server

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Fri Dec 16 20:56:13 UTC 2005

Nigel Henry wrote:
> Hi Danny. Right, thats explained the refids on my servers, but the refid for 
> whichever client is booted up always shows a valid IP address, for whichever 
> stratum 2 server is acting as sys-peer on the machine thats acting as a 
> server. For example. ntp.kamino.fr  is IP . I'm probably missing 
> something here as I'm quite new to NTP. Sorry if I'm wasting anyones time on 
> this subject. Nigel.

The problem that I'm trying to address here is the misconception that
the refid IS an IP address. That, historically, is how it was created,
but it's not a good or reliable indicator of where the remote server is
getting its preferred time.


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