[ntp:questions] Re: Windows timekeeping - sudden degradation - why?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.not-this-bit.nor-this-part.uk.invalid
Sat Dec 17 17:55:58 UTC 2005

John Allen wrote:
> David J Taylor wrote:
>> John Allen wrote:
>>> David J Taylor wrote:
>>>> I would also appreciate seeing this type of information in the
>>>> Support Twiki (as well as searchable by Google).
>>> I added this:
>>> http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Support/KnownHardwareIssues#Section_9.1.7.
>> I tried to edit the information on operating systems to include the
>> discover about Windows and the MM timer, but I didn't see a simple
>> way to add an entry.  It seemed that I had to edit the whole
>> section.  All I got was an Edit link, which produced a whole dialog
>> box of gobbledegook! Clicking on either the Cancel or Undo links
>> produced a JavaScript "Error on page" message, so adding that
>> information will have to wait until a Wiki expert is available.  <G>
> Editing the Twiki is a bit strange the first time but I just inserted
> a new section by copying the heading from the previous sub-section
> and changing the name, then I pasted in the text from my emails and
> used a few basic formatting instructions from here
> https://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiShorthand
> However, I was also blocked by the Javascript "Error on page" every
> time I tried to do work in Internet Explorer. I switched to Firefox
> and it worked fine. I don't know if this is a Twiki bug or an IE
> settings problem. Even if you don't already have Firefox it's a quick
> and painless installation to solve this problem.
> I'd never touched a Wiki before but the technology is interesting,
> this  was for me an excuse to look into it.
> John

Thanks, John.

Well, if it doesn't work with the world's most popular Web browser, as far 
as I am concerned it needs fixing so that it does.  Sorry, but you won't 
be seeing any Wiki entries from me until it is fixed.  I will not install 
a third-party browser just for this one application.

Why they have to invent yet another mark-up language as well also beats 
me.  We have HTML thanks very much - that's what I use and I'm sticking 
with it for now.

This Wiki implementation, on my first visit as a potential author, seems 
foreign and unfriendly, although the basic idea is one I like.


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