[ntp:questions] HOWTO prepare ntpd to the leap of a second

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Fri Dec 23 18:00:30 UTC 2005

Serge Bets wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like a review of this nano-HOWTO prepare ntpd to the leap of a
> second. Any comments and enhancements are welcome. Especially reports on
> different ntpd versions. And any ideas about automated refreshing of the
> NIST file twice a year in a way that must be network friendly, NIST
> servers friendly, and secure. Is there some https://URL to get only
> "If-Modified-Since:"?

Here's the proper procedure:

1) Go to local liquor store and purchase a champagne of a make and
vintage that you enjoy.

2) Placee bottle(s) in refrigerator to ensure proper cooling.

3) 10 minutes before midnight UTC, remove chamgagne from refrigerator,
open and let stand for a few minutes to let it breathe.

4) Pour for yourself and anyone else who may be with you into glasses.

5) Run ntpq -p -c rv in a loop and watch current time.

6) At leap-second insertion time raise glasses and toast the UTC New Year.

7) Go to bed if late, local time.

Happy new leap-second.


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