[ntp:questions] Re: OpenNTP on PCBSD

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Mon Dec 26 17:50:24 UTC 2005

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

> I don't think that's quite fair or accurate.  I think that if you are
> going to do your own implementation of NTP, or SNTP you have to comply
> with the relevant RFC or draft.   Microsoft didn't, does not, and as far
> as any of us knows, has no intention of doing so!

That's really speculation on your part. There may be indications that
they will be changing things in the future. I don't know their plans so
I can't say any more.

> The Open NTP people, as far as I know, did not and took a lot of flak
> about it.  I don't know if their product is now RFC compliant or not.

I believe that they do some implementation of SNTP rather than NTP. I
don't know if they now comply with RFC2030.

> Various other non-NTP protocols and/or software get occasional mention
> here mostly in the context of people who want to do something that NTP
> does not do or does not do well.
> There are at least two versions/implementations of NTP besides the
> reference implemenntation and Open NTP.    Both are derived from the
> reference implementation and differ from it because the O/S they run on
> is not  Unix or Unix-like.   These are HP's implementation for VMS  (the
> reference implementation is so loaded with Unixisms in both the code and
> the build procedures that it can't be built on VMS) and the Windows
> version.  The Windows version receives more than occasional mention
> here.  The VMS version has been mentioned occasionally.

VMS uses the NTP reference implementation for its code-base. We have
work with the VMS people in dealing with some issue that have come up.

The Windows version IS the NTP reference implementation. I maintain it
along with the Unix version, with help from others including the
Meinberg folk.

There are a number of other implementations, especially on Windows, but
those are really just SNTP clients and it's their poorly thought-out
implementation that causes the heavy load on the Stratum-1 and Stratum-2
as well as the pool. There are a number of additional Unix
implementations but they very rarely get brought up here or elsewhere. I
don't have a list. The exception is PHK's implementation, though we
don't discuss that much either.


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