[ntp:questions] Re: First Galileo satellite launched

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Wed Dec 28 21:41:46 UTC 2005

>I'm not a defender of any political agenda here, but I would like to 
>correct the general assumption, as evident in the interviews last night, 
>that the Galileo system is more accurate than the GPS system. The GPS L1 
>signal available to the general public has a nominal accuracy (PDoP) of 
>30 meters; however, with the L2 signal and P code with capable receiver, 
>it has a nominal PDoP of one meter, comparable to Galileo. The P code is 
>available only to the USA military at present. I would assume once 
>Galileo reaches operational status there is no need to keep the P code 

Does position accuracy translate directly into timing accuracy?

Is 30 meters still the right number for GPS?  I thought they turned
off the scrambling a while ago and L1 only is now good for 10 meters.

>Folks might forget the Russian GLONASS system, which is very similar to 
>GPS and Galileo, has been around for over twenty years. It is not clear 
>how long it will last or whether it can be maintained to the order of 
>GPS and Galileo.

Are any GLONASS receivers available at a modest price?

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