[ntp:questions] Re: May ntp be off by a second in case of GPSsource?

Komka Péter KomkaP at prolan.hu
Thu Dec 29 14:43:46 UTC 2005

Thomas Laus wrote:
> "At the tone, the time will be xx:xx"

I guess not all GPS receivers operate in that manner. (If it is "common" at all?)
(But instead e.g. send stamps independently of the PPS. Stamps contain 
millisec part (".457" and such, and slightly drifting). At the first byte 
arriving: "Sometime 50..950 msec ago in the past, the time was the following: 

(Sorry, no evidence yet. Seeking for clear documentation(s) and/or 
experiments. I worked so far with u-blox PS2 and Falcom JP7-T receivers 
(assuming the above..).)

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