[ntp:questions] Re: synch two PCs

Eric ejensen at spamcop.net
Thu Dec 29 19:20:09 UTC 2005

On 29 Dec 2005 08:22:45 -0800, "jay" <jhlamb at hanmail.net> wrote for
the entire planet to see:

>Thank you, David.
>I don't have an internet connection so that I cannot have any other
>severs as a reference.
>Absolute, accurate time really does not matter but I need to have the
>SAME time between 2(or 3) PCs.
>To sum up, I'd like to have my own isolated network and want them

Quite possible.  Install NTP on all computers.  Add the local clock as
the time source on the master PC.  Example (in ntp.conf):

server                <== local clock as reference
fudge  stratum 10    <== very important, time no good

Then add the master PC IP as the time source on all other PCs:

server  192.168.xxx.xxx      iburst   minpoll 4  maxpoll 7 

Normal lan attachment and IP routing will suffice.  It won't be
"accurate" wrt UTC, but the PCs will be synchronized.

- Eric

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