[ntp:questions] Re: synch two PCs

Bjorn Gabrielsson bg at lysator.liu.se
Sat Dec 31 09:23:39 UTC 2005

"jay" <jhlamb at hanmail.net> writes:

> Help me again!!
> 1. I did installed NTP on all computers!
> 2. In ntp.conf file of Computer 1 , I added this lines
> server
> fudge  stratum 10
> 3. In ntp.conf file of Computer 2, I addes this lines
> server  192.168.xxx.xxx      iburst   minpoll 4  maxpoll 7
> Is this correct? Should I replace xxx with numbers? How do I know that?
> I also tried with
> server isolated.network.server iburst
> However, I'm not sure this works.
> I found that the commend 'ntpq -p' shows if ntp works properly but the
> window disappear so fast I cannot read anything. :(
> Is there any way that I can see(monitor) the performance ? ( I tried
> some but it looks its not working...)

Hmmm... you do realise the 'xxx.xxx' and 'isolated.network.server'
should be replaced by the actual ip-numbers your server and client
have? Regarding running 'ntpq' - start a command shell with 'cmd' and
then run ntpq from there.



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