[ntp:questions] Re: synch two PCs

David Woolley david at djwhome.demon.co.uk
Sat Dec 31 11:34:17 UTC 2005

In article <1136010145.383166.182100 at z14g2000cwz.googlegroups.com>,
jay <jhlamb at hanmail.net> wrote:

> server  192.168.xxx.xxx      iburst   minpoll 4  maxpoll 7

> Is this correct? Should I replace xxx with numbers? How do I know that?

This is really not the place to ask for tuition on basic TCP/IP networking
for Windows XP.  If you are running an isolated network with just the
two machines, you will have had to configure these IP addresses into both
machines when you configured the networking, so you ought to know them.
(If I remember correctly, and if you have successfully configured the
networking, you can also find this information by running the "ipconfig"
command line (see below) program; you want the address reported on the
sever machine, which must be different from that on the client.)

> I also tried with
> server isolated.network.server iburst

Again, with an isolated network, unless you associated the numeric address
with the name "isolated.network.server", normally in the hosts file, this
wouldn't work, so, again, you would have needed to know the IP address.
"isolated.network.server" isn't a magic token, it is just telling someone
competent to configure the system to put in the actual (TCP/IP) domain name
of the server.

> I found that the commend 'ntpq -p' shows if ntp works properly but the
> window disappear so fast I cannot read anything. :(

This is also not the place to give tuition on the basic use of command line
programs under Windows.  You should start the command interpreter, either 
using the "DOS box" icon, or by running "cmd".  Then issue the command in 
the resulting window.

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