[ntp:questions] Watching the Leap today

wa6zvp wa6zvp at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 16:24:28 UTC 2005

I did not have any local reference clocks when the last leap was
inserted.  After looking at leapsecond.com, I thought I'd see if I
could do something this time.

I threw together a webpage that has media player links to pre-recorded
WWV/H verbal announcements and also live broadcast of receiver audio
(two sources) and video of a Traconex/PSTI receiver display.  I don't
have a clue if the display will do the right thing, but the software
certainly outputs knowledge of the leap to my connected NTPd machine.
Time will tell. (pun intended)

The URL is HTTP://ww2.hmc.edu/~roger/leap/leap.html

Keep in mind that streaming protocol buffering will actually delay the
event by 10-15 seconds.

Happy New Year to all.

   Roger (at HMC.Edu)

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