[ntp:questions] Re: CHU time source?

Ross rwa at augur.bogons
Sat Jan 1 18:12:11 UTC 2005

David Magda <dmagda+trace040726 at ee.ryerson.ca> writes:

> Would the frequency that I listen to determine the accuracy of the
> time? (I'm technically an E.E. so I should know this, but I took more
> computer courses than frequency / radio / communication ones. :)

RF is the coming wave :)  The usual advice is to go with the highest
usable frequency.  Play around with it.

> Is the jitter from CHU something inherent in its signal, or simply
> the fact that you're now located in Edmonton (?) and the atmosphere
> messes with the radio waves?

It's a function of the ntp implementatation.  The top-of-second detection
in the WWV driver is miles ahead of what the CHU driver attempts.

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