[ntp:questions] AutoKey protocol question

Eldar, Dori dori.eldar at intel.com
Mon Jan 10 12:35:26 UTC 2005

couple of Newbie questions:
1. How does the Server Certificate validation performed by NTP clients,
differ from standard PKI certificate validation defined in RFC 2459 ?
Specifically the AutoKey Protocol draft dated Aug 2003, briefly mentions
the Certificate's Validity  Period field in Appendix G. and refers the
reader to Appendix E. for additional information, I did not find any
relevant information in this Appendix describing the content of this
2. My main question is the following: If an NTP client has no notion of
the current time, how can the client validate an NTP server certificate
validity period? Is the intent to simply ignore this field when
validating certificates?
Thanks In Advance

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