[ntp:questions] Advice on sync clock between cluster of linux v2.6 to +-1us

Nick spam at nospam.blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jan 12 00:30:10 UTC 2005


I've spent the morning doing some research on synchronising a cluster of 
computers running linux. I would appreciate any advice on this matter 
and whether it is feasible.

Is it possible to synchronise a group of computers interconnected by a 
fast ethernet LAN and be able to keep there clocks accurate to +- ~1us 
of each other using available ntp software? Can the 2.6 kernel handle 
this high precision?

I don't require the computers to have the correct actual time, only the 
time between them needs to be accurate.

On the information I have found, the drift of the clock on a modern i386 
motherboard would not provide this accuracy so I would expect I would 
need some external clock source connected to one of the computers with 
ntp software or equivalent distributing to the others. I seen references 
to TCXO ICs but have not found any standalone products.

I don't believe I need (the expense of) a GPS/Radio receiver since I 
don't require the actual time, but a lot of these receivers have a TCXO 
(or alternative) module to handle failover due to signal failure.

Am I being unrealistic synchronising a cluster of standard PCs to a 1us 

Let me have your thoughts.

Many Thanks

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