[ntp:questions] Re: Modifying the XP Registry for Authoritative Time Service--Doesn't Look Right

m.marien mmATRiverCityCanadaDOTcom
Fri Jan 14 01:00:37 UTC 2005

"W. Watson" <wolf_tracks at invalid.inv> wrote in message 
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> m.marien wrote:
>> "Wayne Watson" <sierra_mtnview at earthlink.net> wrote in message 
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>>>Win XP Pro.
>>>This <http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;314054> 
>>>shows steps to
>>>modify the registry to use NTP as an external source. Step 3 asks that
>>>SpecialPolInterval be changed to TimeInSeconds. The current value is 
>>>binary. I have a
>>>limited knowledge of the use of regedit, but this looks wrong.
>>>BTW, before attempting to modify the registry I exported it. I made a 
>>>mistake early,
>>>and decided to import the file. It looks like it did this successfully, 
>>>but gave me a
>>>message at the end that said something like it could not restore all 
>>>values because
>>>they were in use. Close to that wording. What's that about. I had no 
>>>windows open.
>> Geez Wayne, you're all over the place in your quest for knowledge. You 
>> actually don't have to modify the registry. Just issue the command:
>> C:>\net time /setsntp:fqdm
>> where fqdn is the fully qualified domain name of the ntp time server. I 
>> think you can use any name, as long as your system can resolve it and it 
>> points to a ntp server. This will set all the parameters for you. You 
>> don't have to change it on XP unless you want to change it from the 
>> default time.windows.com. All XP systems default to this time server 
>> unless they are members of a domain. In that case they get the time from 
>> a domain controller.
> Hi, M. Likewise! I've posted to two different MS groups without any 
> response, so thought I'd try a group that has something to do with NTP. 
> I've also posted to my favorite linux network group without any response. 
> Got my knuckles gently rapped by Brad for the post here. :-) People in 
> Linux have been pointing me to the registry change, since I've been unable 
> to go through Linux on my local network to XP to NTP with any luck.
> That's very interesting. So as long as I'm connected to the internet on 
> XP, my time synch will come from a NTP server designated in the net time 
> command? That means, I hope, that if I attempt to time synch with 
> redhat-config-date across my local network to XP it will use that NTP 
> server too? Note that the RH command allows me specify, which 
> is XP.

The XP system won't serve time unless you modify the registry. I guess that 
is perhaps why they are pointing you in that direction. XP doesn't have NTP, 
just a subset of NTP which most people call a broken NTP. You are much 
better off, time wise and security wise, to have the Linux box sync with 
several servers and serve time to the XP.

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