[ntp:questions] Re: Specifying command line parameters for ntpd running as a w2k service?

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Abandoning the right to remain silent, mayer at Fri, 14 Jan 2005 15:05:05
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> Martin Burnicki wrote:
>> Tapio,
>> Tapio Sokura wrote:
>> [...]
>> > To make a long story short: how do I define command line parameters
> to
>> > ntpd running as a Windows service?
>> AFAIK it is not possible to configure command line arguments for
> services
>> permanently in a way that they are passed to the service when it
> starts
>> automatically.
> Right. Services just ignore any command line arguments.
>> Danny,
>> would it be an acceptable solution to read the command line
> parameters under
>> Windows from a registry string?
>> I know you're very busy, and have a large todo list for NTP, so could
> I help
>> you to integrate such code?
> If you have time to do it, that would be helpful. My intent is to read
> another Registry key for the command line options and pass that to the
> code that reads the option list. I have code in the new installer that
> sets up the registry key. However it is currently ignored. Also the
> location of the configuration file needs to go into the registry.

This sounds like a good time to suggest a config file directive to
specify what would otherwise be command line options. I know it wouldn't
let you specify the config file name (-c option) but I can't see any
reason why any other field could not be supplied.

Possible method:

The command line args would be scanned for a -c option, that file opened
and the contents of any "cmdopt ...." line appended to the options, then
rescan the options ignoring all -c options.

"cmdopt ..." values would not overrule real command line options.

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