[ntp:questions] Re: Specifying command line parameters for ntpd running as a w2k service?

John A. Milburn JohnAMilburn at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 15 19:37:10 UTC 2005

Open the Services applet.
Stop the service.
At the bottom of the dialog box is a place to put startup parameters
(command line).

"Tapio Sokura" <oh2kku at iki.fi> wrote in message
news:ALHFd.3783$tO5.431 at reader1.news.jippii.net...
> I'd like to add -g command line parameter to ntpd so that the clock is
> adjusted even when it is more than 1000 secods off. The problem is that
> the machine is running Windows 2000 and ntpd is run as a service.
> I couldn't find a place to change the command line options permanently
> in the services list (control panel -> administrative tools ->
> services). So then I opened regedit and changed key
> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTP\ImagePath to
> include -g parameter. Now when I look the NTP service on the services
> list, I see the -g added to "Path to executable", it reads
> "c:\path\ntpd.exe -g". But it doesn't seem to work. I set the time a few
> hours off and rebooted. After a few minuts I looked at the event log and
> the usual entry about clock difference exceeding sanity checks was there.
> To make a long story short: how do I define command line parameters to
> ntpd running as a Windows service?
>    Tapio

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