TCXO and OCXO (was: Re: [ntp:questions] Problem with NTP multicast server configuration)

David J Taylor david-taylor at
Sun Jan 16 09:48:54 UTC 2005

Brad Knowles wrote:
> If you cannot have any kind of connection to an outside source,
> then you could have an OXCO or TXCO (Thermally Compensated Crystal
> Oscillator), and at least that would have less drift and less
> variation in drift than the standard CPU clocks that you have in your
> systems.

Just an aside on terminology.  You have the acronyms wrong, it's TCXO and 
OCXO - the X is crystal, an abbreviation of Xtal!

TCXO: Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

OCXO: Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator


and many more, of course.


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