[ntp:questions] Ntpq variable Name mapping between different ntpd versions

manel_torralba at mail.com manel_torralba at mail.com
Mon Jan 17 17:33:01 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I am running ntpq against two different servers. One seems to be ntp3
and the other one is certainly ntp4. The output is attached below.

I am finding the names of the ntpq rv variables are very different, and
I want to make sure I am not getting the wrong variables; I am looking
just for two fields (just pulled out of the official doc):

- The mean millisecond time offset (phase) as an indicator of quality
of time synchronization.
- the mean PPM frequency offset (frequency) as an indicator of (bad)
quality of system clock.

In ntp3, the fields seem to be "phase" and "freq" and in ntp4 they seem
to be "offset" and "frequency".

However, the enormous "freq" value (13319.46) of the first server
(Ntp3) seems to challenge the notion that this is the correct value.

Could anyone
- Confirm I am using the right variables
- Find a suitable explanation of the strange freq value


Manel T.

Examples attached:

<< Version 3 >>

status=0664 leap_none, sync_ntp, 6 events, event_peer/strat_chg
system="UNIX", leap=00, stratum=2, rootdelay=280.62,
rootdispersion=45.26, peer=11673, refid=XX,
reftime=af00bb42.56111000  Fri, Jan 15 1993  4:25:38.336, poll=8,
clock=af00bbcd.8a5de000  Fri, Jan 15 1993  4:27:57.540, phase=21.147,
freq=13319.46, compliance=2

<< Version 4 >>

ntpq> rv
status=06f4 leap_none, sync_ntp, 15 events, event_peer/strat_chg
version="ntpd 4.1.0 Wed Sep  5 06:54:30 EDT 2001 (1)",
system="Linux2.4.7-10smp", leap=00, stratum=2, precision=-18,
rootdelay=0.35, rootdispersion=24.34, peer=31486,
reftime=c5966e47.1a1eb420  Mon, Jan 17 2005 18:03:03.102, poll=9,
clock=c5966f38.1f6d117b  Mon, Jan 17 2005 18:07:04.122, state=4,
offset=-0.797, frequency=32.736, jitter=0.131, stability=0.003

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